7Cinema is an non-profit organization that bands together local film artists with diverse skills, focuses and perspectives in the creation of original, culturally conscious films. Collectively, 7Cinema is rooted in the philosophy that a film, and its broader effect, is reflective of its process; a process that is inclusive, collaborative, and individually empowering. Deconstructing hierarchical roles typical of the traditional film set, our process is equally amendable to the ideas and talents of the many individuals working on each project, and the ongoing political and cultural realities that such films take on.


The Coast (2015)

The Coast.

A couple on the rocks hits the road.


Written, Directed, Filmed & Edited by Luke Ohlson    •    Featuring Jenni Putney & Grayson DeJesus





RUN is a collaboration between filmmaker Luke Ohlson, actor Anne Troup, and cinematographer Rachel Helling. We started off with a basic premise: a woman using her daily routine to work through an internal upheaval. That idea, the power of ritual in daily life, evolved into a woman's personal struggle with an unintended pregnancy in the face of increasing political turbulence.  

We began shooting this film in early 2016. Each time we came together to film we talked about the increasingly dire political landscape, how our character might be reacting, and then we got to work. The finished film reflects that evolving, adaptable process.


How does Planned Parenthood fit in? 

We always knew that we'd be reaching out to you all to fund this film and the growth of 7Cinema. We now have the added knowledge that organizations like Planned Parenthood need our support more than ever. 

That's why half of your contribution today will go to 7Cinema and half will go to Planned Parenthood. 


Where exactly does my money go? 

Your contribution allows us to pay a union wage to Anne Troup, our lead actor; Luke, the director, producer, and editor on this project; and our shooter and technical advisor Rachel Helling. It reimburses expenses already accrued for equipment rental. It will allow 7Cinema to bring in more creatives; actors, directors, cinematographers, producers, editors, choreographers, and artists to create meaningful films going forward. With your contribution we can fund grant writing, paid internships, and union wages for all collaborators. 

The portion of your donation that goes to Planned Parenthood helps them continue their work at a pivotal time. Planned Parenthood provides service for women and families at 650 health centers across the United States and delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.


Thank you for your donation today. 

Please donate to allow us to put the finishing touches on this film, build the foundation of 7Cinema, and aid Planned Parenthood in their ongoing efforts to improve the sexual health and well-being of individuals and families everywhere. Online donations are made possible by visiting our fundraising campaign here.